Welcome to Exiles

Club Code of Conduct

Exiles is a dedicated gaming space. We aim to provide the facilities and community for people to engage in all sorts of gaming activities, such as roleplaying, wargaming & boardgaming. People for all walks of life are welcome to join in club activities, or to run their own.


When you enter the venue, sign in immediately. It is $8.00 per day ($5.00 for club members), and is free for first timers. Exiles has bills to pay and relies on your contributions to continue. If you are new, please reach out to an admin to show you around - they can explain the sign in process and facilities to you.


The venue is 18+. Minors are allowed in the company of an adult guardian and must be supervised.


We have a number of books, games, game accessories and props which are available for use. Basically, it it's in the main space, it can be used, while private materials are kepts in the Dojo or Storeroom. Science Fiction books (in the foyer area) can be borrowed, but all other books and equipment stays at the venue. If you aren't sure what can be used and what is part of someone's private collection, please ask first.


There are no pets allowed, with the exception of assistance animals. Some club members are highly allergic to the fur and hair left behind by some pets.


After using gaming materials, the kitchen, or the bathrooms, make sure you leave them in a reasonable order. We all use each of the facilities from time to time and it is greatly appreciated by many members that they are kept clean and tidy. There is cleaning equipment to use in a cupboard in the rear of the venue if needed.


Exiles is a space for adults to enjoy themselves. We respect freedom of thought, speech & expression. Some games have adult themes and participation is done via consent. We are also dedicated to providing a harassment-free and comfortable gaming experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying of participants in any form, be it verbal, physical, online, or otherwise. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time, for any reason, speak up, or contact and admin. We want everyone to have a good time, and will take reasonable steps, in consultation with those involved, to ensure the matter is dealt with.


The Exiles club constitution can be found here. Please read and understand the constitution before applying for club membership.